Veteran's Lodge Meeting

The Veteran's Lodge meetings are held at the Tribal Complex each year on the 3rd Sunday in the months of February, May, August, & November.
At the instruction of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama Tribal Council, the Veterans Lodge voted on February 21, 2016 to change the Lodge name to:
Cherokee Veterans Lodge of Alabama.

  Please consider this official notice of the action taken.
Dennis Tuck~Deer Clan was Grilling since 6:00 am this morning.
Music Provided by:
AM Radio~ (Deer Clan ) Mala Patterson & Band
In Attendance:
Lucky Bates, Stanley Trimm, Helen Trimm, Jerry Wilson, Cherokee & Debbie Brasher, Dennis Tuck, David Tuck, Teresa Hoagland, Steve Hoagland, Don McAnally, Betty McAnally, Betty Minton, Shelby & Bob Bailey, Wayne & Francis Boyles, Brent Brown & Family, Marvin Tuck, Vera Tuck, Penny Coutlee, Linda Tuck, Ryan Tuck, Jackie Rich, Gene and Wanda Raffin.

 Dennis Tuck presented a plaque to Mala Patterson for her dedication to the Veteran's Lodge.
Photos from the Veteran's Barbecue
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In Loving Memory

Collins, R. Flynn
He enlisted in the U.S Army at Jefferson Barracks, Dunklin, Missouri Aug 7th, 1942.
He is a WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War Veteran.