We are so happy to announce that in the future, ALL NEWS pertaining to the Tribe will be on this page. Any events will be on the events page and news for clans, will still remain on the clan page. Wado!
I am happy to announce that on Tuesday September 6th, 2016 Penny "Black Feather" Coutlee~ Vice Chief - Deer Clan and Clan Member "Willow" ( Her oldest son ) was presented by the mayor of Falkville, Alabama the signed Proclamation of Recognizing the Second Monday in October, to be
 Indigenous People's Day !!
Indigenous People's Day recognized in Athens Alabama for October 10th 2016 Wado to: Sean and Yvette Collins.and other Echota Members who made this happen.. Let's see how many more cities we can get!
Gov. Bentley has recognized the State of Alabama in November..Native Heritage Month. 
Also Chief Stanley ( Lame Bear ")Trimm got Glencoe to  Recognize that city on October 10th, Indigenous People's Day!!. It is in the works for the Gov to recognize ALL the cities in Alabama on October 10th to be Indigenous People's Day. 
Senior Citizens Farmer Market Vouchers
If you have a Senior citizen that would like to apply for senior farmers food vouchers click on the following and follow directions. Everything is done on line.This is for Alabama only, will need to check with the state that your seniors reside in. 
Make sure if you are a Native American/American Indian mark American Indian.These vouchers may be used at the local farmers markets through out the state of Alabama.

Just a Reminder...............As warm temperatures come our way..Please don't forget that "Cleanup Day" is the 1st Saturday of each month at 9AM. The walking trails are needing to be cleared along with some cutting from limbs that have fallen. We need to keep the Tribal Grounds looking good and our Trails neat and clean....For more Info..Contact Lucky "Graywolf" Bates at 256-778-7887

Scholarship Information Deadline!!!

Starting the move.
Putting the stage together. Lucky, Sean and Eddy
Lucky Bates
Echota members helping move into our NEW building!
Saturday April 1st, 2017
The following people were helping with the move into our new building.
 (Deer Clan)
 ( Lucky Bates, Penny Coutlee, Sean Coutlee, Almon Majors, Dennis Wooten, Tina Bates, Betty Minton & Don McAnally )
(Wolf Clan ) - Stanley Trimm, Helen Trimm, Eddy Bonner and his daughter Reagan )
 We would like to thank those of you who participated with the move. Also Lucky Bates for providing BBQ Sandwiches. Don McAnally said a prayer in Cherokee before we ate. It was a wonderful day with sunshine and we had two Hawk's fly in a circle at the far end of the NEW building very close. The hawk is a bird of the heavens, arranging the changes necessary to prompt our spiritual growth.  WE HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE HERE AT THE STATE MEETING.. APRIL 8TH