a- ni- wa- ya
The Wolf has been known throughout time to be the largest clan. During the time of the Peace Chief and War Chief government setting, the War Chief would come from this clan. Wolves are known as protectors. At some Cherokee ceremonial grounds, the Wolf arbor is to the left of the Blue arbor.
Meetings 2016
Clan Chief - Wayne Yates
Vice Chief- Helen Trimm
Wayne Rosco- Councilman Rep for Clan
You can contact Wayne Yates @bellsouth.net
Ph: 205-956-9404
e-mail: stanleyandhelen@bellsouth.net
Meetings will be as follows:
2nd Saturday of every month.
Alabaster Church of God
12:00 Noon
March 12
May 13
July 9th
Sept 24th
Nov 12