Echota Cherokee Tribe
 of Alabama, Inc.
P. O. Box 830
Vinemont AL 35179

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          Reflecting the goals of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, Inc. 

                1.  To encourage and promote                                              socioeconomic development aimed at                        tribal and individual self-sufficiency.

             2.  To support the preservation of                                       traditional Cherokee, culture, language                     and values.

             3.  To improve education and training
                  opportunities for tribal members.

             4.  To seek improved health care for our                          people with particular emphasis on                            children and elders.

             5.  To encourage our people to develop, as                      individuals, their talents as craftsmen,                      dancers, artists, musicians, and

             6.  To continuously strive to maintain the                       dignity of the American Indian by                                 always treating others with the utmost                       respect and courtesy.

             There are seven Clan's within our Tribe.
             Each Clan has their own agenda as far as
             their activities are concerned.  

             The Governing Body of the Tribe consists
             of a Principal Chief, a Tribal Chairman,
             a Recording Secretary, a Record's Keeper,
             a Treasurer and a five member Tribal                          Council.

             The Mission Goal's of our Tribe are the
             education of our people, the preservation
             of our culture and the protection of the
             environment.  We are the keeper's of the
             seven generation's.  This has been the
             Cherokee belief throughout history.

630 County Rd 1281
Falkville AL 
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Log cabin of the " Echota Cherokee Tribe Of Alabama "                 located at the Tribal property at Lacon
Principal Chief Charlotte Hallmark with 
          Deer Clan Chief Lucky Bates

  Music by Echota Cherokee Scott Cunningham aka " Golana "
" Cherokee Morning Song "  from his CD " Moon Of First Snow "