a- ni -sa- ho- ni
The Blue Clan's subdivisions are Panther, or Wildcat and Bear (which is considered the oldest clan). Historically, this clan produced many people who were able to make special medicines for the children. At some Cherokee ceremonial grounds, the Blue arbor is to the left of the Long Hair arbor.
Chief - Wheeler Pounds
Vice Chief - Marvin Warren
Recording Secretary- Sue Warren
​Representative to the Governing Body- Roy Pounds
Meetings 2016
Dates are bi-monthly on the third Saturday as follows:

March 19
  May 21
  July 16
  Sept. 17
  Jan. 21 2017--
the bi-monthly schedule continues.
 Meeting time is 10 AM with dismissal before noon. This will allow time for other Saturday afternoon and evening sports and other activities. Refreshments will be served, but no pot luck.

   Meeting place is the Oakville Indian museum--contingent on its accessibility
 (if they do not have other activities planed that would interfere with our meeting)
Meetings will be conducted by Clan Chief, Wheeler Pounds or Vice Chief Marvin Warren. The acting secretary/treasurer is Sue Warren.