THE DEER CLAN ( a – ni – ka – wi )
Members of the Deer Clan were guardians of the deer in the forest. They made
sure that when a deer was killed by a hunting party, its spirit was properly respected because
it had given its life to feed a family. An offering of tobacco scattered in the four
directions was made to the deer’s spirit for its help in nourishing the people.
They were also known throughout the entire villages for being the best hunters
and the fastest runners and were often called upon to be messengers.
Our color is Brown, Our Tree is the Oak.
Chief: Dennis "Redstag" Wooten
Vice Chief: Penny "Black Feather" Coutlee
Recording Sec:  Julia Schumaker
Clan Rep to the Governing Body: Rita Majors
Meetings for 2018
January 14th
March 11th
May 6th
July 8th
September 9th
November 11th

Building The Bar-B-Q Pavillion!
Dennis Tuck
crossed over on May 24th, 2016. He was our Vice Chief, Brother, Friend, Son, Husband, Father and dedicated tribal Member. Dennis will be greatly missed,  but also rewarded for his kindness and love he had in life.
"We never say goodbye, we say until we meet again
"Do hi yah"
During #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth, we take time to reflect on the lasting contributions Native Americans have made. This year’s celebration theme, Serving our Nations, acknowledges our intertwined heritage, and gives us opportunity recognize Native Americans who have and continue to serve in the Army.
Deer Clan Member Rita  "Drumgore"  Majors

Special Article 
Dennis "Redstag" Wooten
Vice Chief
Penny "BlackFeather" Coutlee
Listen to the tree's they speak....Listen to the teaches.....Walk gently on Mother Earth....She knows... Give thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day.....
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Limestone County Commissioner Jason Black, the Limestone County Historical Society, the Alabama Elk River Development Agency and the Athens Limestone Tourism Council.
Ancient Indian mound at condo site recognized
Dale "Lone Elk" Casteel
Deer Clan member, Almon Majors BROTHER  Gary Ernest Majors, 60, of Huntsville, passed away Wednesday November 22, 2017. He was called home to be with the Great Spirit. Let's keep him and his family in our prayers.