a ni gi lo hi
The Long Hair Clan, whose subdivisions are Twister, Wind and Strangers, are known to be a very peaceful clan. In the times of the Peace Chief and War Chief government, the Peace Chief would come from this clan. Prisoners of war, orphans of other tribes, and others with no Cherokee tribe were often adopted into this clan, thus the name 'Strangers.' At some Cherokee ceremonial grounds, the Long Hair arbor is on the East side, and also houses the Chiefs and other leaders of the ground.
Clan Chief – Brenda "BJ" Jones
Vice Chief –
Recording Secretary – Sharon Keith
Clan Rep to the Governing Body – Gene Ruffin
Information contact BJ. 205-280-0897
e-mail- laffnbuffalo2@aol.com
We meet on odd months and the second Sat of that month at 11Am. 
Cards are mailed out for meetings

with the exception of December, where we hold our meeting prior to the Tribes Christmas gathering on the tribal lands.

 We do this in hopes that more of us will visit the land as we are the farthest away, as well as get to know folks from the other Clans as this is the major turn out.
Thanks so much...Bj 
Clan Chief Brenda Jones  "BJ"